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Auntie Gecko, the lei-maker
Let us help you choose the best Hawaiian leis & flowers for your needs!

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Hawaiian leis overview page Tropical flowers by-the-stem overview page

Kika (Cigar) Lei

Fresh Flower leis shipped from the Big Island, starting at $8.

Orchid - Dendrobium & Vanda
Leaf & Nut  - Ti, Maile, & kukui
Special Occasion: Cigar,  Haku (head) & more
Bulk order discounts


Orhtotrica Heliconia

Tropical flowers by the stem: do-it-yourself gift boxes and arrangements.

"Fast Lane" Flower Catalog & Order Form
Loose orchids and stems
Birds of Paradise & Ginger
Foliage, including Ti leaves
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Tropical Tales:




Emergency leis you can make
How to make Orchid leis
Arrangement Ideas
Anthuriums: Standards & use tips
Tropical Flower FAQ's
Leis for Special Occasions
A History of Hawaiian Leis
How to care for Leis
How to care for cut Tropical Flowers
Leis organized by price
Leis organized by keeping quality
      It all started with anthuriums - Too pretty not to share!  Gecko Farms is part of several family businesses - which explains the eclectic products! We can answer your questions on leis and flowers, as easily as we can answer questions on subdivisions and streets of the neighbor islands. Our Hawaiian leis and tropical flowers have been selected for durability and quality, as well as natural beauty.
               It's your wedding, Grandma's birthday, your son's graduation... Your special event deserves special attention to your intentions as much as the flowers themselves. A lei in Hawaii is far more than the flowers it is made of - it represents your feelings of love and congratulation, your good wishes and your love. Leis are given with kisses, hugs, and sometimes solemnity. We give leis to friends and family, our coaches, our leaders, and even drape our canoes and homes with them. It is our responsibility at Gecko Farms to listen to your ideas and concerns and send our very best so that your message comes through clearly.

                  Our office hours are from 8 AM to 4PM Hawaii Time, which is usually 2-3 hours later than Pacific Standard Time. If we miss your phone call pleae leave a message or email us. Leis and flowers are shipped via FedEx or UPS.  We will email you with the tracking number for every delivery, as well as monitor each delivery from our office. Cold packs for summer shipping and winter foam sheets are included in each shipment as appropriate - we do not charge extra for these items. Satisfaction 100% guaranteed. For more information please continue to the Shipping and Ordering pages.

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