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Hawaiian Leis
Tropical Flowers

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Bulk lei order discount?

Quotes for leis and flowers?

Leis suggested for special occasions?

Leis listed by price?

Leis listed by how long they last?

Tropical flower FAQ's and Arrangement Tips?

Sample Arrangement Ideas?

Care Instructions?

Bulk Lei Prices & Discounts

Number of Leis Shipping & Handling Discount per lei
20 leis & less $25.00 none
21 - 29 leis $30.00 -$1.00
30 - 39 leis $30.00 -$1.50
40 & more leis $1.00 per lei -$2.00
More than 60 leis requires 2 boxes, we do not pack leis more than 6 leis deep! 
Discounts apply to any combination of leis or colors.

Leis for Special Occasions

White Haku lei for the Bride, ti-leaf or Maile for the groom plus orchid leis for both; if the wedding is held close to the arrival date of the leis some Tuberose for the sweet scent.  Single-strung orchid leis for most of the guests, perhaps some Kukui nut leis, ti-leaf, and vanda leis.  For special guests: Vanda Maunaloa, Kika lei, and Double orchid leis.  Don't be afraid to give several leis to one person - it's a Hawaiian custom! 
Several wedding organizers have used small bunches of orchid stems, anthuriums and foliage along the aisle with a larger tropical display near the bride and groom. 

Orchid, ti-leaf, and kukui leis for the guests.  Any of the fancier and unique leis for special guests.  The Song-of-India, Red Ginger, Colored Haku, Kika leis can all be taken home by the guests - enjoyed for many days and even dried for a lasting keepsake.
Use monstera and ti-leaves flat on the table to decorate around or under plates and dishes.  Scatter loose orchids on the table and add several tropical bouquets.

Crown them with Haku leis, drape them in orchid leis and tuberose leis.  If you have several recipients, try matching Vanda leis - single leis and the Vanda Maunaloa.  Men might prefer Maile leis, the Red Ginger, Ti-leaf, Kika and the Song-of-India leis - although they are all pleased with beautiful orchid leis as well!  For a special treat, try 40 red or pink anthuriums for a 40th birthday - we can guarantee you will have the most unique gift of all!

Corporate Events:
Maile leis are a symbol of respect and honoring of the recipient.  Double orchid leis convey a more formal look, while Vanda Maunaloa leis look very rich and special. Although men in Hawai'i frequently wear orchids, the Red Ginger, Ti-leaf, Kika and the Song-of-India leis are also worn for more formal events. 
Flowers can be arranged in a loose, festive style or arranged tighter for a more controlled look.  Larger blooms and lengths are elegant and dramatic, but require more experience to arrange.


Leis by Price

Ti-leaf lei $10.00
Kukui nut lei $10.00
Single-strung orchid lei $12.00
Orchid and Tuberose lei $14.00
Vanda orchid single-strung lei $15.00
Orchid and Ti-leaf lei $15.00
Orchid and Roses lei $15.00
Song of India lei $20.00
Maile-style Ti-leaf lei $20.00
Song with Red Ginger lei $22.00
Double orchid lei $24.00
White Haku lei $30.00
Kika (Cigar) Flower lei $30.00
Vanda Maunaloa style lei $30.00
Many-colored Haku lei $35.00
Orchid & Rose Haku lei $35.00
Maile lei $45.00

Leis by how long they last
(keeping quality)

Kukui nut lei $10.00
Kika (Cigar) Flower lei $30.00
Ti-leaf lei $10.00
Maile-style Ti-leaf lei $20.00
Song of India lei $20.00
Song with Red Ginger lei $22.00
Orchid & Ti-leaf Lei $15.00
Single-strung orchid lei $12.00
Orchid & Rosebud lei $15.00
Double orchid lei $24.00
Many-colored Haku lei $35.00
White Haku lei $30.00
Orchid & Rosebud Haku lei $35.00
Vanda orchid single-strung lei $15.00
Vanda Maunaloa style lei $30.00
Maile lei $45.00
Orchid and Tuberose lei $14.00

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