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Uncle Gecko, the heliconia farmerAnthuriums

Anthuriums are a staple of exotic arrangements.  Available in a huge range of colors, sizes, and shapes, Hawaiian anthuriums are known long-lasting quality , and freshness. Their beautiful heart-shape has become a symbol of love that's very popular for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and gifts throughout the year. 

When to order - Shipping & delivery information


  Ordering Deadlines:   

Leis, flowers and foliage orders must be received by 3 days before delivery.
Some leis require a week's notice.
We deliver to the West Coast Tuesday-Friday, on the date you specify.
We deliver to the Midwest and East Coast Wednesday-Friday, on the date you specify

Packaged... Each flower is cushioned in layers of damp newspaper shreds
Durability Medium. Reds, obakes, and tulips handle hard usage better. Lighter colors will show bruising and creasing easily.
Lasts... 7 - 14 days
Availability Year-round, but order early for Valentine's and Mother's Day
Colors Reds, white, green, blush, two-tone, purple.  Call for specific colors.
Ease of arrangment Medium:  Use some foliage or orchids for spreading the stems out.
How well do they ship? WELL
Match with... Orchid stems, foliage, smaller heliconia.
Care? EASY: Cut stems, keep out of heat and drafts, mist flowers in dry conditions.
Red Anthuriums Pastel Anthuriums (pinks)Pastel Anthuriums (greens) Obake Anthuriums (peach)Obake Anthuriums (red) Tulip Anthuriums (purple)Tulip Anthuriums (pink)

Prices are per stem


Pastels: (pinks, greens, blushes)

Obakes: (pink, peach, and reds with green "ears")


Small (3"+, stems 4"-10") $1.80    $2.20  $2.20  $2.90 
Medium (4"+, stems 5"-12") $2.40    $3.60  $3.60 
Large (5"+, stems 6"-15") $2.70    $5.00   $5.00 
For a definitive look at anthurium varieties, uses, and sizes please check out grower Carol Anderson's article (great pictures from the farm!)
  10 red medium anthuriums with foliage


10 red medium anthuriums with two small areca palm leaves, 5 hala leaves, and one lycopodium stem

5  red medium anthuriums with 5 stems small white dendrobium orchids and foliage

5 red medium anthuriums with three small areca palm leaves, and 5 stems small white dendrobium orchids

6 medium pastel anthuriums with foliage

6 medium pastel anthuriums with two small areca palm leaves and one bamboo orchid stem

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