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Tropical Flower FAQS
  1. How do you arrange flowers?  For a loose arrangement just clip the ends, place the stems in the vase, pull flowers out and trim a bit here and there until you have a pleasing overall shape - this leaves the flowers available for regular trimming so they stay fresh the longest. A  more planned arrangement is achieved by placing the stems one at a time in one hand until you're happy with the look, tie the stems together, and trim the bottom of the stems even.

  2. What are the longest-lasting flowersAnthuriums will last from 7 to 14 days depending on care and variety.  Dendrobium Orchids will last from 5 to 8 days, while Oncidium Orchids will last 7 to 10 days.  Tropicals vary widely, but should last up to 5 days for the most delicate, 8 days for the hardier types.  All of this depends not only on the flower care in the home, but also the climatic conditions.  All tropical flowers need fresh water, misting, and avoidance of heat sources and drafts.

  3. What flowers are easiest to arrange?  The Orchids are the very easiest, simply place in a vase and they will naturally arch and fill the space beautifully.  Anthuriums and Tropicals encourage creativity - they look beautiful just placed in a vase (exactly what our pictures show), or you can get very artistic experimenting with different sizes and placement of stems.

All flower and lei selections are shipped with full
 Care Instructions


Some (non-professional!) arrangement samples

12 Medium Red Anthuriums
12 medium red Anthuriums
 with Lyco and small areca palm leaves

5 anthuriums, 5 orchid stems
5 medium red Anthuriums,
5 stems medium dendrobium orchids,
small areca palm leaves

Assortment of tropical flowers
6 large red Anthuriums, 10 stems large
dendrobium orchids, 2 small
orthotrica heliconias, 3 ginger, 3 birds-
-of-paradise, 10 pieces of foliage

25 oncidium orchid stems

25 stems medium oncidium stems

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