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Birds of Paradise & Ginger

Hawaiian Leis


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Uncle Gecko, the heliconia farmerBirds of Paradise & Ginger

The exotic Birds-of-Paradise arrived in Hawaii from another island:  Madagascar, off the East coast of Africa.  The unusual flower shape evolved as a perch for birds: the bird lands on the blue "tongue", the weight of its feet causing the tongue to open up.  The birds gets the nectar, the pollen clings to the bird's feet to be transferred to the next flower.  The bird of paradise's unusual shape and brilliant colors has made this flower not just a designer's favorite, but also a popular symbol of paradise.
Red and pink gingers are similar in that they are also larger flowers, excellent for brightly colored focal points and accents in medium to large arrangements. 

When to order - Shipping & delivery information

Packaged... Birds-of-paradise are sheathed in paper to protect the delicate petals.  Both flowers are cushioned in dry newspaper shreds for shipping.
Durability Low for birds-of-paradise and pink ginger.
Medium for red ginger.
Both will show scratches and creases as browning, petals may be knocked off.
Lasts... 5 - 7 days, ginger lasts longer than birds
Availability Year-round, but birds may have shortages in winter
Colors Birds of paradise only as pictured, gingers are red or pink
Ease of arrangment Medium: Both flowers have heavy stems that require glass marbles, foliage or tying to stabilize them. Flowers are one-directional and must be balanced with other flowers for an even arrangement.  Take care the stems do not bruise smaller flowers.
How well do they ship? Medium: Birds may become bruised during shipping, both flowers may lose petals
Match with... Lots of foliage, medium to large stems of orchids, medium to large anthuriums, small to medium heliconias.
Care? Medium: Cut stems frequently, keep out of heat and drafts, mist ginger, discard petals as they age on birds
Bird of Paradise Red gingerRed ginger Pink ginger

Birds of Paradise
$2.00  per stem 

Red Ginger
per stem 
Pink Ginger
$2.00  per stem

Flower head averages
4"- 7" length

Flower head averages
4" - 7" length by 2" - 3" width

  Ordering Deadlines:   

Leis, flowers and foliage orders must be received by 3 days before delivery.
Some leis require a week's notice.
We deliver to the West Coast Tuesday-Friday, on the date you specify.
We deliver to the Midwest and East Coast Wednesday-Friday, on the date you specify

3 Birds of Paradise

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