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Uncle Gecko, the heliconia farmerFoliage

Hawaii tropical foliage is sturdy and long-lasting. Choose foliage on the basis of whether you need a filler or greens for presentation. Large, flat leaves like the areca palm and monstera leaves are presentation types, bamboo orchid and lycopodium stems and excellent as filler.  Larger, heavy leaves can crush or bruise smaller flowers - so match the foliage to the size of the flowers and the vase.

When to order - Shipping & delivery information

  Ordering Deadlines:   

Leis, flowers and foliage orders must be received by 3 days before delivery.
Some leis require a week's notice.
We deliver to the West Coast Tuesday-Friday, on the date you specify.
We deliver to the Midwest and East Coast Wednesday-Friday, on the date you specify

Packaged... Bundles are cushioned by newspaper shred
Durability High. Monstera will brown with scratches and bruising
Lasts... 10+ days
Availability Year-round
Colors Green, green & red for red-ti leaf
Ease of arrangment Easy to medium:  Small foliage is easy,  Monstera and large areca palm leaves will crush smaller flowers and tip vases.
How well do they ship? Great
Match with... Smaller foliage is fine with any flower. Match larger foliage with larger stemmed flowers, may crush smaller flowers.
Care? EASY: Cut stems.

Monstera leaf

Areca palm leaf Fieshtail palm leaf

Prices are per stem


Areca palm leaves

Fishtail palm leaves

Small:      $2.00  Small:  $2.00    $1.60   
Medium:  $2.40   Medium: $3.00 
  (medium averages 15" by 16")

(medium averages 12" by 30")


Green ti leaves

Red Ti leaves

Lycopodium fern stems

Hala leaves

Bamboo orchid stems

Prices are per stem

Green Ti

Red Ti



Bamboo orchid

  $ 0.50  $ 0.50  $ 0.80  $1.00  $ 0.80 

(averages 6" by 23", including stem)

(smaller than green ti, color varies and may only have red striping at edges)

(averages 3" by 12")

(1.5" by 16")

(averages 16" by 16")

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