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Our new shopping cart is also a quote system. 

The shopping cart will automatically calculate Bulk Lei Order Discounts, Shipping costs, tropical flower shipping, and book shipping several pages before your financial information is required.  Place items in the cart and remove them as you build the order - the discounts and shipping will be re-calculated as required.

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Base Lei Prices

Single-strung orchid lei $10.00
Orchid & Ti-leaf lei $15.00
Orchid & Rosebud lei $15.00
Double orchid lei $24.00
Vanda orchid single-strung lei $15.00
Vanda Maunaloa style lei $30.00
Orchid and Tuberose lei $14.00
Maile lei $45.00
Ti-leaf lei $10.00
Song of India lei $20.00
Song with Red Ginger lei $22.00
Kika (Cigar) Flower lei $30.00
Many-colored Haku lei $35.00
White Haku lei $30.00
Multicolored Orchid & Rosebud Haku lei $35.00
Kukui nut lei $10.00

Flower Price per Stem

Flower sizes and colors may vary with seasonal availability; we will substitute flowers or colors with equal or greater value if necessary.


White Dendrobium orchid sprays Lavender Dendrobium orchid sprays Purple Dendrobium orchid sprays

Oncidium orchid sprays

Price is per bunch, lengths are average

Dendrobium orchid bunches (5 stems each)
small (14"-18")        $ 8.00    

medium (18"-22")   $ 10.00  

large (22"-26")         $12.00  

Loose orchid flowers $0.10 each 
Oncidium orchid bunches
(5 stems each)

small (24"-30")      $10.00 
medium (30"-36") $12.00 

large (36"-48")      $14.00 

Loose flowers are excellent for table decorations or tucked behind guest's ears.  Orchid stems are the easiest flowers to arrange - just  place in vases with bamboo stems, lyco, phoenix palm, fishtail palm and hala or no foliage at all.


Red Anthuriums

Pastel Anthuriums (pinks)Pastel Anthuriums (greens)

Obake Anthuriums (peach)Obake Anthuriums (red)

Tulip Anthuriums (purple)Tulip Anthuriums (pink)

Price is per stem

small        $1.45 

medium   $2.00 

large        $2.25 


(pinks, blushes, & greens)
small      $2.00 

medium $2.80 

large      $3.00 
(bi-colors, peach or red)
small       $2.00 

medium  $2.80 

large       $3.00 
Anthurium sizes refer to both stem length and size of the flower itself.  Smaller flowers are easier to arrange, larger flowers are more dramatic and very suited for formal designs.  Add phoenix palm, fishtail palm, lyco, hala, and bamboo stems in the vases with or without the use of florist's foam.


Bird of Paradise


Ginger Flowers

Price is per stem

Birds of Paradise



Lobster Claw Heliconias

Orthotrica Heliconia

Collinsiana Hanging Heliconia Tropica Heliconias Parrot's Beak Heliconias

Price is per stem

Lobster Claw
small      $2.80 

medium $4.00 

large      $5.60 

(high-color, long-lasting)
small       $4.00 

medium  $5.00 

large       $6.00 

(hanging, medium)
Parrot's Beak
The lighter the tropical, the easier to arrange.  Plan on large vases and some foam and tying for the largest heliconias.  Add a lot of larger foliage, areca palms, monstera, some ti-leaves, and smaller foliage to fill.  Mix with orchids and anthuriums for a varied and balanced tropical arrangement.



Monstera leaves

Bamboo Orchid stems

Fishtail Palm leaves

Hala stems

Price is per stem

small      $1.40 

medium $1.80 
Bamboo orchid
Fishtail Palm

Green Ti leaves

Red Ti leaves

Areca Palm leaves  

Price is per stem

Green Ti (large) $0.50  Red Ti $0.50  Areca Palm
small   $1.60

medium $2.20 
Lyco stems Lyco
(looks like small x- mas tree)
Monstera and ti-leaves are best for table coverings, although phoenix palm does nicely, too.  Foliage is matched to the height of flowers selected as much as possible.

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