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Questions & Answers


About GeckoFarms & how to reach us

Where are we located?
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Ordering & Shipping

When should we place our order?
When can you deliver?
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When will the order be delivered?
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Event Planning

Bulk lei order discount?
Quotes for leis and flowers?
Leis suggested for special occasions?
Leis listed by price?
Leis listed by how long they last?


Articles & Tips

How to make Emergency Leis?
How to make single-strung Orchid Leis?
Tropical flower FAQ's and Arrangement Tips?
Sample Arrangement Ideas?
Anthurium Standards & Buying Tips
Care Instructions for Leis?
Care Instructions for Tropical Flowers?

Where are you located?

Big Island map

GeckoFarms is located on the Big Island, Puna District
Local address:
 PO Box 1989
Keaau, Hawaii 96749


Our office hours are between 8 AM and 4 PM HST (10AM in California is 7AM here),  Monday through Friday.

Although we try to be available to answer the phone continuously during office hours, we do have to step away from the phones now and then.  Please be patient and leave a message, we'll call you back within the hour. 
We do take calls later in the day and on the weekends, but once again - please leave a message if we're not able to answer immediately.  We answer emails both after hours and on the weekends.

About GeckoFarms

GeckoFarms has been in business about six years now.  Our lei-makers; however, have been making professional florist-quality leis for two generations (and they're training up the next!). 
Our focus is delivering the best and freshest leis to the Mainland at Hawaii prices.  Every order is important!  We never forget that your order is for a significant event or expression: birthdays, gifts, graduations, funerals, parties, thank-you's and many, many weddings. 

The website is developed, programmed, and maintained in-house.  Please let us know if you have problems or suggestions.

How to obtain quotes?

ONE: Our new shopping cart is also a quote system.  The shopping cart will automatically calculate Bulk Lei Order Discounts, Shipping costs, tropical flower shipping, and book shipping several pages before your financial information is required.  Place items in the cart and remove them as you build the order - the discounts and shipping will be re-calculated as required.

TWO: We have an email-based quote form.  You will receive a quote within 24 hours.  Your email address is required for us to email the quote to you.

THREE: Email your request to You will receive an answer within 24 hours.



We accept: We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American ExpressWe accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards,
as well as Money Orders and checks (as long as the checks clear before the delivery date).

Our Guarantee

We guarantee you'll be completely satisfied with every lei we sell. If you're unhappy with any leis from our lei stand, for any reason, we will replace them or refund your money. No questions asked.
However; there are a few events which void our guarantee:

  • FedEx announces a Service Delay.

  • You provide us with an incorrect address.

  • Holiday service delays.

  • Delays resulting from the recipient not being at the delivery location to accept the package, if it was not sent "no signature".

  •  We do not offer any compensation for deliveries delayed by government inspections in California, Arizona, and Florida. Please schedule time-critical orders to arrive one day sooner.

Privacy Policy

"Gecko Farms is completely committed to protecting your privacy. We will not sell, give away, or trade any information collected here on our website or from emails. We use the information that you provide to process orders, e-mail occasional updates and provide better customer service.

When you place an order with Gecko Farms, we need your name , address, email address, mailing address, phone number, credit card number, and expiration date. This allows us to process and fulfill your order in a timely manner. We do not share this information with anyone.


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Contact us by e-mail:

PO Box 1989, Keaau, Hawaii