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Auntie Gecko, the lei-makerHawaiian Leis

$25 Flat Rate shipping for 1- 20 leis

Hawaiian leis are part of a long and meaningful tradition in Hawaii.  Leis carry our love, congratulations, thankfulness, joy and respect. The art of lei-making has become a modern source of pride and creativity.  Lei-makers continue to search for new flowers and materials, and create new methods and styles for competition every year.  Our leis have been selected for their lasting quality, beauty, and popularity.  Your satisfaction guaranteed with every order.

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Orchids, Orchids, Orchids

White and purple double dendrobium orchid leis

A large selection of beautiful, durable, and versatile single, double, and mixed material dendrobium and vanda orchid leis. Includes the orchid wedding haku (head) leis and loose orchids for decorating.  From $12 to $24.

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Purple dendrobium orchid lei with white orchid and ti leaf accents

Vanda orchid maunaloa lei

Leaf & Nut Leis

Red ginger song on india lei
Ti-leaf leis large and small. Shiny kukui nuts, and the extra-fancy Song-of_India and maile leis.   These are the sturdiest of leis! From $8 to $45.
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Maile-style ti leaf lei Kukui nut leis

Special Occasion Leis

Colorful haku kead lei

Colorful haku head leis, orchid haku leis, the intricate cigar lei and the vanda maunaloa leis.  Special leis with outstanding craftmanship. From $30 to $35.
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Cigar (kika) flower leis White wedding orchid haku head lei

Scented Leis
Maile lei
Tuberose & orchid for a strong, sweet scent. Maile has a light vanilla-scent.  For when nothing else will do but the scent of paradise. From $14 to $45.
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