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Auntie Gecko, the lei-makerMulticolored Orchid (head) Lei $35.00 each

$25 Flat Rate shipping for 1- 20 leis

Meant to be worn on the head. Originally this lei was a special order variation of the white wedding haku, but we liked it so much we added it to the regular line of haku leis. Haku refers to the method of securing the flowers and foliage "presentation style" to the base of the lei. 
Must be ordered a week in advance.

Dimensions 21.5 inches long, around 2 inches wide, ribbon for tying on both ends
Made Using... White, purple, and lavender dendrobium orchids with baby's breath on a fern leaf backing, finished with ribbon ties
Durability High.
Lasts... Will last up to 4 days after delivery if kept cool & misted.
Availability Year-round, peaking in the summer
Colors White, purple, and lavender all in one lei.
Suggested Use Think of crowning a princess or queen - when only the spectacular will do.
Shipping 1-20 leis only $25 Shipping & Handling
Multicolored Orchid Haku Head Lei
Multicolored Orchid Haku Lei

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Must be ordered a week in advance.
$35.00 each
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  Ordering Deadlines:   

Leis, flowers and foliage orders must be received by 3 days before delivery.
Some leis require a week's notice.
We deliver to the West Coast Tuesday-Friday, on the date you specify.
We deliver to the Midwest and East Coast Wednesday-Friday, on the date you specify


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