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Auntie Gecko, the lei-makerScented Leis

Tuberose & Maile

$25 Flat Rate shipping for 1- 20 leis

Alas, the sweeter the scent, the faster they turn brown. We're often asked where are the pikake, plumeria, white ginger and other fragrant leis everyone associates with Hawaii? They're still here, but they just don't travel well. We have a saying that if you even breathe on them - they turn brown! Even the scented leis we do carry are problem children: Tuberose lasts most shipments, but not always and you need to mist the orchids while keeping the tuberose completely dry. Maile has a subtle scent but is sensitive to handling, heat and cold.

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White orchid and tuberose lei

White orchid & tuberose lei:

Mostly orchid to help hide the browning of the tuberose.  Strongly scented.  Must be used day of arrival.

$14.00 each

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Maile lei


ubtle vanilla scent, but turns brown in shipping easily.

 $45.00 each

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