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Colorful haku
Orchid Haku (head)
Multicolored Orchid Haku
Cigar (kika)
Vanda Maunaloa
Red ginger

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Auntie Gecko, the lei-makerSpecial Occasion Leis

Haku Leis (head leis), Cigar (kika)

When you're looking for something special - these are the leis for the bride and groom, important birthdays, and any time you need to say (or be) someone very special.  More...

$25 Flat Rate shipping for 1- 20 leis

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Colorful haku head leis

Colorful haku head lei

Colorful haku head lei: materials vary from everlasting flowers to native plant materials

$35.00 each

Bigger pictures & detailed information

White orchid wedding haku head lei

Orchid & Baby's Breath Wedding haku head lei, backed by ferns

$30.00 each

Bigger pictures & detailed information

Multicolored orchid haku lei

White, lavender & purple orchid haku head lei backed by ferns.

 $35.00 each

Bigger pictures & detailed information

Cigar flower (kika) lei

Cigar (kika) flower lei:
over 1500 flowers pierced in a complicated pattern

$30.00 each

Bigger pictures & detailed information

Vanda maunaloa lei
Maunaloa: vanda orchid "lips" strung in a back-and-forth pattern

$30.00 each   

Bigger pictures & detailed information

Red ginger petal song of india lei  Song-of-India
with red ginger petals:
Flat lei  - Fancy, colorful and light

$22.00 each

Bigger pictures & detailed information

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More about Special leis...

Haku leis, often referred to as head leis, are great leis for weddings and other very special occasions. Although they may be worn around the neck as a short, traditional lei, they are most commonly worn around the head for a crowned look. The white orchid head lei is our most popular lei for brides.

The cigar lei is also a fantastic lei for when you would like to really impress. Made of 1800 or more small tubular flowers, each lei is a work of art that will last for up to two weeks. The vanda orchid maunaloa lei and the red ginger lei are also leis that show some of the best of the leis maker's art. These are the leis that people stop and look at over and over again.