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Auntie Gecko, the lei-makerVanda (Lani) orchid lei $15.00 each

$25 Flat Rate shipping for 1- 20 leis

Despite not being as sturdy or long-lasting as the dendrobium orchid lei, the single-strung Vanda orchid lei has been a Hawai'i favorite for decades, due to its fancy appearance, and pretty color contrast between the lavender outer petals and gold throat.
Must be ordered a week in advance.

Lani lei - single vanda orchid lei

Dimensions 40 inches around, 1.5 inches wide, 1/2 inch thick - a flat lei
Made Using... 50 blossoms strung sideways for a flat lei
Durability Low.  Turns white with too much heat, and petals are a little fragile
Lasts... Will last up to 2 days after delivery if kept cool & misted
Availability Year-round, peaking in the summer, subject to weather-caused shortages
Colors Only in the color depicted: a medium lavender with gold centers
Suggested Use As a special type of single lei, especially for a "local"
Shipping 1-20 leis only $25 Shipping & Handling

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Lani lei - single vanda orchid lei




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Must be ordered a week in advance.
$15.00 each
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More about the Lani Vanda orchid lei...

This is actually a somewhat flat lei: the vanda orchids are strung so that all the 'mouths' of the flower all open to the front of the lei to showcase the orchid's most attractive features. Occasionally vanda orchids become too hot in summer shipping and turn white - it's wise to check the temperatures on the Mainland before ordering during the summer months.